AffNaija: The Genesis, The fall and The Exoneration

It all started sometimes in October 2017, I jumped on an old post on nairaland, “11 African Startup Founders Who Built Million-dollar Internet Companies”, then I saw another post “Top Tech Startups In Nigeria”. I was so inspired that I started brainstorming on something new I can build/startup. The week before, I read on affiliate marketing and its opportunities. Then I started making deep research and thinking on how I can take affiliate marketing to the next level.
While still at it, a friend send me her recadax referral link. I joined. About a week later, I got this idea of mixing affiliate marketing with the modus operandi of recadax resulting in an affiliate marketing partner network.

I started working on AffNaija, I studied recadax, worked on all its weakness and ported it to AffNaija. I registered on Jumia, Konga, Payporte and Kilimall as an affiliate marketer. Then affnaija was launched on 22/11/17.

The first one month, AffNaija only made a few thousand on Jumia, I thought it was because of the numbers of members we had then. So, I decided to see how affnaija will fair the next 30 days. Then AFFNAIJA: THE REVELATION happened.

Thanks to all those who gave suggestions on how we can keep affnaija running and to those who are/were willing to make donations. A special Thanks to all members of ‘help affnaija live again’ group on whatsapp. I appreciate your efforts. Some of the suggestions make sense. Some of the measures have already been effected on the website. This was my resolution:

1) AffNaija would only run the 10k subscription plan. With that, people on the vet and ultimate plan won’t have a problem renewing if they have not withdrawn/sold their earnings already. People on the lower plans or people on the high plans that have withdrawn/sold or generally prople that do not have enough to upgrade to the veteran subscription would have to buy AffCash to renew. This will clear some backlogs

2) Their would be option for those who are no more interested to withdraw their funds/sell to agents

3) Earnings on the veteran plan would be #700. So by the end of 30days, you would have double of your subscription fees. You can renew and withdraw some or you withdraw all. It’s up to you.

4) Since first week of January, AffNaija has been running on a ~$600 yearly business hosting server worth. We have never ran the website on some cheap shared server. We still think with right optimization, we can still squeeze some +juice out of the server till we can afford $1000+ dedicated server. You must have noticed the website now load faster than ever before.

5) To reduce AffCash hack/fraud, members scamming each other. As a member, you would need to input your password before you click on transfer. The money will only go through with a correct password. And Agents will now serve as escrow. When you send AffCash to a member, an agent will have to validate the transaction once the seller has gotten alert before AffCash would be deposited in the buyer’s wallet. An agent portal has been created for all agents.

6) AffCash Transaction fee will be 4%. And withdrawal charges will be #200 per withdrawal. Minimum withdrawal shall be #5000.

7) Other means of generating revenue is underway.

8) AffNaija will be open to individuals or merchants or existing promoters who would want to advertise his/her business/products/post ad.

9) Run lotteries, contests, games. With these, member would spend AffCash to play lotteries, games and participate in contests, also, to vote for their favorite contestants. This would make affnaija lively and some AffCash coming back to us, AffCash in wallets would reduce, lesser amount of withdrawals to process/lesser funds would be available for members to sell to agents.

As solid as these plans seem, I thought we needed a professional advice so I met a financial analyst and an online business guru. The prognosis given was bad. That without a strong and stable source of revenue or true investor(s) investing millions on AffNaija, AffNaija would only be like a ponzi scheme. Robbing a member to pay another, early birds win, late comers loses. Then I was shown proofs of a few startups receiving millions of dollars from investors to ensure sustainability and profit. Then he concluded that AffNaija business model wouldn’t attract any investors. He was blunt. No company would invest in affiliate marketing, the yield is always low.

I was so heartbroken. The past few weeks, I have been sad and broken, the thought of disappointing/failing a few thousand Nigerians gives me sleepless night. I wonder how our leaders get to sleep at night after failing millions of people.

I had to meet a clergyman yesterday to report myself, what I am passing through and the situation of things. He said I have sinned since some people got hurt as a result of my actions despite my true intentions from the onset. That I need to seek forgiveness from you all and from God, then try to make restitution. Only then would my conscience be cleared and my soul be saved.
So, out of all decency and high moral standards I have decided:

1) To discontinue operations on the website. Let us not waste our time any further. I don’t want to run a ponzi scheme in a way or another, directly or indirectly. If I should open registration, existing members will get paid. What will happen to the thousands new members if new prospects stops registering, then we will back to where we are now only that more would lose more money. All ponzi scheme eventually collapse when new prospects reduce or stop joining.

2) To pay back part of members subscription fee. After much analysis, I can only pay 30% of subscription fees to members who have not withdrawn or sell earnings to any agents before. That would be mostly new members. I know it’s small but it’s better than nothing. No platform or well founded companies in the country has ever returned not even 1% capital to its members/investors on collapse. With the 30%, that will be a few millions. I might not be able to pay everybody back in a short period of time but I will eventually pay. I see it more like a debt that I have to settle. I’m going to raise the money one way or another. I’m going to sell my gadgets and willing to sell my car if it comes to that. I just want this heaviness out of my heart and my conscience cleared. By Monday, a menu will be available for you to request for a refund.

3) To beg for forgiveness from you all. I’m so sorry for wasting your time and resources on my platform. I’m sorry for all the stress you might have passed through. Please forgive me.
“For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”  Matthew 6:14-15
If or when you forgive me, please comment below.

Going by the terms and conditions you accepted when registering, I owe members nothing, I reserve some rights. I’m protected by law. But am I protected from God’s. Here I am in all humiliation begging for forgiveness from you all and trying to make amendments I can afford out of all modesty. You can either forgive or throw slander, I think I deserve what I get. I failed you all.

To all our agents; past, previous and prospective; Thank you all for your service. It was nice working with you all. I’m sorry for the slander or any form of abuse the promoters might have passed on you. You All should also request for a refund.

With an heavy heart,
AffNaija Founder.
I’m not a scammer, AffNaija just turned out to be a bad idea/business model.
Thank you all.

N.B I advice you all not to involve/invest in any form ponzi. Ponzi drained us all enough all through 2016 and better half of 2017. No ponzi scheme ever end well, it all collapse at a time. Let’s say NO to any form of ponzi/hyip this year. If you want to invest in any platform, ask the necessary questions about their finance and ask of proofs if possible. Having a CAC or a corporate bank account guarantees nothing. Don’t be fooled by that. GOD BLESS US ALL AND MAY HE GIVE US THE FORTITUDE TO MOVE ON AND THE WISDOM TO MAKE RIGHT CHOICES.

147 thoughts on “AffNaija: The Genesis, The fall and The Exoneration

  • But,Sir i subscribed on premium plan which is #4000 and i already earn #2000+ …. With the 4k subscription plan that am on do i have to buy and add affnaija funds worth of 6k making it 10k? Regardness that i’m having 2k earned already… Pls kindly explain this further

  • wait wait wait. withdrawal limit is 5k. suppose i have 3k by the end of my current subscription and i don’t want to do again, how can i get the 3k

  • God bless you for your sincerity and transparency. Business is all about risk taking but it’s always better when the risk is a calculated one. It’s well…life goes on

  • Thanks for coming out clean I appreciate your efforts sir what of those that subscribe and there accout expire and they transfer the affcash to someone they trust although the money is in the person dashboard how can they get it back since u said 30% is what u can pay which u have tried

  • Wow! this is heart piecing, My dear l must confess l am challenged by your actions. I didnt know your kind of person still exist. It’s unforfunate we lost all the dreams, visions, hope and faith we had with Affnaija but God knows why, all l have to say is, ‘it is well’ my heart bleed, my tears roll, not for the money l lost but feeling the pain you are going through and the practical Christian life demonstrated by you. My brother l forgive you from the dept of my heart. Your life is a challenge to the Christian world. God’s grace the Lord is your strength.

  • What should we tell those people that we referred upon the sweet words we told them. Sorry I can’t forgive u. I’m highly disappointed. You just wasted our efforts

  • ITS well….May God bless you are man of your word,as you refund God will shower you more blessings to your life because God liveth.your are been forgive…May God bless you abundantly IJN…AMEN…

  • This is a sincere man… please I’ll like to know u better for future business dealings… Affnaija failed, not you! I see u rising strong in no distant time sir!

  • Sincerely am happy that am involved in this kind business, orthough I lost some fund but am very happy for the level of sincerity in this, bros you are a true believer, I just pray you will be able to meet up with the 30% refunds…. The Lord is your strength! Your words have evangelised and shown a true virtues of a true believer! Am proud to be a Christian!

  • Wow! I think that there is nothing that cannot work everything can! U jst have to discover the right way to get it works and give it the right approach, this is one way it won’t work there has to be a way and this is the best time for the brain to get working….as great men are known for attempting the impossible…. Thanks anyway for being fairly transparent!

  • Please try and return the capital in full rather than 30%. Because I can’t afford to lose my entire capital. That’s the only way I can forgive you.

    • my friend your forgiveness is not too important. if you were the person in involved i don`t think you will ever talk of refunding a penny. how much did you put in may be #1000? God does not wait for your forgiveness.

  • The write-up really conveys some kind sincerity and goodwill. Thanks.
    But then, you should not feel too bad or guilty since u initiated the platform not with an intent to scam or take undue advantage of anyone. Any body could start any business and any business, of course, could crash downline. Am also very sorry for this.

  • I salute your courage sire. I have deep respect for you. This failure will only make you see many ways of making Affnaija a success. Don’t lose the dreams and vision. Hold on to it. Nothing is impossible.

  • You have opened my eyes to realities
    People are aware of all these fact and yet more are resurfacing daily
    Well you have gotten your fill but hope you pay us back no matter how small

  • you are already forgiven whether refund or no refund. if you have money better refund as much as you can but do not steal or borrow to refund. thanks for your sincerity

  • My Watch!!!

    1. AffNaija admin/founder intentionally killed this program simply because he wasn’t directly making money from the program as expected. Looking at his very first update he made when this was to crash, he showed us his 14K earnings so far from Jumia since inception(I.e. An Ordinary participant on Ultimate or even Veteran package was making more than double of that every month than what the visioner/founder has made in two months from Jumia).

    The program was running for about 21 days with the arrangement of agents buying and selling the funds and every participants were getting paid, but no single kobo was getting into the founder’s purse from that arrangement. We advised him on ways to get his own cut from the arrangement to take care of maintenance etc and to compensate his purse for that wonderful vision. But he ignored most/all the advise given to him, perhaps he felt that could only bring him some peanut and not some millions he was initially expecting from the program. If not he should have accepted a %2.5 commission from the %10 gotten by agents on all daily transactions and allow the program to continue running.

    2. You telling us that the hosting of AffNaija costs $600 is ONLY a lie from the pit of hell, you may tell that to a novice. If the hosting of a slow portal like AffNaija costs that much then portals like Jamb, MTN etc would cost billions of US dollars to host. Which they are actually NOT.

    3. I am into a few mlm programs: one is on agriculture, offering trainings and earning to Its members. They charge %10 on every payout to members to make their money too. They have been paying since one year. Early this year they reviewed one of their packages and no one lost out. I gave you here the same idea but you ignored.

    4. The only regret I have in this AffNaija is one of my referrals who is an elder in his late 50s or early 60s who just joined about ten days ago because of his trust in my judgements regarding this type of programs. All other of my referrals must have at least made back their investments.

    We participants became more vulnerable because
    AffNaija did not have any human face from day one. Ask yourselves, which account name did you guys pay your registration fees into when he had the online payment button working??? Which office address was provided on the website? Which company name or personal name was used as his WhatsApp number???

  • Affnaija, without screening of this post, you’re forgiven, may God forgive all of us.if all you said is true, then do whatever your mind tells you as to refund. I will also advice you pay people 50% of what they have on their earnings and thank you for being transparent a bit in your dealings

  • Hmmmmm this initial setback is not enough to close and kill this platform. Anyway I feel deeply for u. Forgiveness for is not negotiable. So you are forgiven already. Just that…. I wish you strive a little harder. I see a good plan…. I praised this platform and brought people in including my wife and close friends. I still believe affnaija can work and sustain for long period of time………

  • Why not do something similar to what Paul Samson is doing with NNU currently with slight modifications? At least he has a steady flow of income from which he pays members. If combine money from traffic and monthly subscriptions it will be enough to keep the site running. YOU DONT HAVE TO QUIT ON YOUR DREAM BECAUSE SOMEONE SOMEWHERE TOLD YOU ITS IMPOSSIBLE. AM EVEN MORE DISAPPOINTED IN YOU THAT YOU QUITTED

  • Forgiveness is from God and he will surely forgive us for doing the wrong thing at the right time.
    Follow ur mindset in all U might av said.
    Top is our place see U there affnaija founder.

  • Nice one.
    Although my first visit to affnaija was to review how the program works, at the first place i was not interested but later i decide to try it out with my last Money which hoped to basic plan…
    The commisions that was attached to each plan were too much… Let me stop here…

    I have a question to ask,
    I subscribe for basic plan janauary, and i have earned N600, my subscription will expire Feb. 25th, what i don’t really understand is: the 30% refund is it our subscription fee or our earnings. If it’s our subscription, what will happen to the earnings we have made?

    Thanks. Will be waiting for a reply.


  • I believe Affnaija has number advantage, I can’t believe you are willing to throw that away, I believe you can still do something useful and profitable with the site, it must not be ponzi

  • I just want my capital back, I used my last money even starved my baby of his food just to do these.. I started on the 16th.. Pls I need my capital oooo thank you and God bless you

  • Dear Sir/ma, I have sincerely forgiven you both spiritual and physical…. It shall be well with you, thou i didnt gain anything …. I sub. 7k package but its well

  • If everyone in Nigeria were like you, Nigeria would be a paradise. I am totally speechless… God bless you. NB: Failure is bound to happen, don’t be sad. What keeps us going is hope and courage. I pray the heaven you aspire will be granted to you. Thanks, I am proud to have been a promoter for an honest man.

  • Don’t be here and be asking for forgiveness. Since ur a Christian i suggest you try and pay everyone there full subscription fee. Wtf you mean by 3%,u take us as a fool or what. Why didn’t you think of loss before starting this business.. I guess you knew this would happen and now u tryna run away with people’s money. And you think duping people is the best way to survive. Do you have idea wat dose scammers their life has become? You think they are living good? Nahh. They loose too, probably their lives in one way or the other. You own this business and am sure you have made ur calculations before u initiated us. So i suggest you do the right thing so you don’t face the consequences… Many of us use our last bread. And dis wat ur telling us. After twisting us that “it can never crash before you share links from jumia, konga nd all. So you want to tell me that you didn’t know someone can refer like 30 peoples. You purposely add the referral bonus for ppl to bring people just to have them keep investing and unable to withdraw because you already have a plan b. So then why did you allow new members to keep subscribing.. The kind of thunder waiting for you eh.

  • Don’t be here and be asking for forgiveness. Since ur a Christian i suggest you try and pay everyone there full subscription fee. Wtf you mean by 30%,u take us as a fool or what. Why didn’t you think of loss before starting this business.. I guess you knew this would happen and now u tryna run away with people’s money. And you think duping people is the best way to survive. Do you have idea wat dose scammers their life has become? You think they are living good? Nahh. They loose too, probably their lives in one way or the other. You own this business and am sure you have made ur calculations before u initiated us. So i suggest you do the right thing so you don’t face the consequences… Many of us use our last bread. And dis wat ur telling us. After twisting us that “it can never crash cos we share links from jumia, konga nd all. So you want to tell me that you didn’t know someone can refer like 30 peoples. You purposely add the referral bonus for ppl to bring people just to have them keep investing and unable to withdraw because you already have a plan b. So then why did you allow new members to keep subscribing.. The kind of thunder waiting for you eh.

  • Pls how do l get the 30%? I have not withdrew since l started Affnaija. Pls l really need it because it’s part of my school fees. Thanks

  • Its a crazy world,,, we have to be crazy too,,, lol
    I love your ideas… Am just glad for the sincerity…. I just want to know the probability that it would not get worse after the upgrade,,,, because if I buy more funds and later, I can’t see anything,,,, heeeeeee, I will not say anything oo

  • Pls oo. What will happen to my earning ?
    I never withdraw any kobo yet.
    This one you are saying 30% , before you cut the earnings to 50%
    Now you are talking about 30%
    I still don’t understand.
    I paid for ultimate. At least let us get our main money back pls.
    Some of us borrowed this money with the hope to pay back. Sir Pls don’t something.

  • Well. You’ve spoken well. From my heart I’ve forgiven you. Just try and refund the 30% as you said and if possible note users that haven’t made any profit and you can make their refund to be at least 50%. The people I convinced to join in Affnaija will also give me sleepless nights too…

    Don’t worry your sincerity will pay off by the grace of God almighty..

  • Either you are scammer or not; I don’t care. Your transparency is a challenge indeed. I forgive you wholeheartedly regardless of whether you refund 30% of the subscription fee or not. My say


  • Am a new member who took the risk and used part of my hostel application fee to register.
    Wot am I to do now wit no payment forth coming.
    Its dishearthening and disappointing to engage in something and no good camr of it

  • Seriously…you guys have just proven yourselves to be thieves…all of a sudden the agents are not ready to buy,buh when we wanted to subscribes,it was successfully,you know what?? Am calling you out on social media….if u know ur not capable plss dnt come and mislead people…useless goats

  • Sorry for using the words tho’,I forgive you,and I say am deeply sorry for using those words…I didn’t read that before sending the previous message…so so sorry

  • Well you try your best but God knows much about what happened to ur business kudos to you because you normally response to us.
    But advice I to go & Establish good networking business which is not more than #3000 per registration networking is legit not Ponzi scheme like affnaija but don’t forget to pay our 30%of our fund by Monday as you said we ar expecting you to pay us thanks may God forgives you but make sure you pay 30%if our funds thanks

  • I am deeply saddened not because i lost my investment but that I may not be able to do anything to help from where i am. My brother, you had a great business model, I see nothing wrong with your model and as an economist I think it’s great, just that you got into partnership with some rather selfish companies (no names mentioned, most of you reading know what I’m talking about) what i expect you to do would be to reach out to better companies that are directly involved in production and not reselling of already produced commodities, you and i know that this country is a very productive country especially at the small and medium scale level.
    A wise man defined success as “looking out for a need and meeting that need”, and also defined foolishness as “doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result “.
    From the sincerity i perceive reading your post, I don’t think you should suffer for this, I think more work should still be done.
    Alot can still be done to make this platform a very successful one just that i don’t think you’re looking into that direction.
    You ask for forgiveness, there’s nothing to forgive because i don’t think you did anything wrong, the only wrong you’re doing is giving up when you’re very close to the goldmine. Well, you may have failed, not because the company earned less but because you’re refusing to dig further. The truth is you have just willingly given up a multi-million naira business idea to some folks out there who will take it and explore all the channels you’re refusing to look at and don’t be surprised if picks up from where you’re stopping and start from there making this a goldmine.
    If it makes you feel any better, I forgive you, but bear in mind that this business is not completely a failed one, you’re only failing because of something that you probably haven’t done or implemented (just like you wake up in the morning to start your car but it won’t start because one of your battery terminal is disconnected and you decide to park the car concluding that it is faulty) that is exactly what you are doing.
    Well in business we win and sometimes we lose, on that note, i know my earning is not much so far, but I’m hereby refusing to collect it whether 100% or 30%, I believe you can use it to settle someone else, I’m not interested in it, I’m more interested in the success of this business if you’re ready to make it work.
    Thank you for your sincerity.

    • That guy is funny his about shutting down a multi millions dollars business he work so hard to achieve, the was nothing wrong with affnaija infact even after withdrawal was stopped people were enjoying themself selling their funds, maybe he become jealous or something i wonder what his thinking . the site has more than 65% completion and now he wants to quit, the only thing he needs to do is to generate income for himself which is very simple rather his crying like a baby for forgiveness.

  • Go, and sin no more. You’re forgiven. Only someone who have experienced something like this would understand your pain. I once had a football blog, spent money on host and domain,had sleepless night putting it up before I realized that I’m not yet ready to compete with the big guns. I had to quit after just two months without earning a dime.

  • I subscribed with #7000, and earned AFC11,500. If 30% is Rob refund, which of the two do I get?
    I have made my mind that I am into “on chance” already, but the 7k I subscribed was not my own money and I never withdrawn any kobo. Too bad wallahi.

  • Mr affnaija you have done nothing wrong, there’s no need begging for forgiveness when you wrong nobody.
    But when you quit that’s when everything is wrong because you have disappoint many thousands of Nigerian, someone might say i forgive you it’s easy but will God truely forgive you, reading through many post you will see that many participants borrowed money to join affnaija and which they haven’t gain anything and remember they will still have to pay their dept then tell me how will God forgive you. What of the tears of the orphan, the nursing mothers, the students that registered with their school fees. Tell me where they will get the money from to pay their dept and you believe that God will forgive you.

    Like i said earlier you have just only 40% work to be done on your site, they are many ways you can generate income for yourself because that’s the only problem now, don’t be like that man in Napoleon hill book ‘think and grow rich’ that gave up few meters to gold. Participants are solidly behind you trying to help, see people will give you a thousands reason affnaija won’t work(Einstein) quitting is never an option. You said your not a scammer yes your right but when you quit you become one and infact the highest scammer in Nigeria because affnaija has the highest number of affiliates.

  • All i could say is that…
    Those people forgiven this Guy, i know you people already earned even cashed out Times 2 of your capital.. Do mean you just invest nii i know kind of words u guys will be Lamenting…. Though its not his fault. its was me then, Looking for awoof..

  • Which kind of forgiveness u dey ask for gan self?…. And you think u will be forgiven after getting hold some of our funds… We never cashout anything yet you still get hold of capital and you think u will be forgiven and make heaven?…. Only moron we believe that you host this site will 600$….

  • I’ve once thought of a website like this, but I just couldn’t figure it out to this extent you got it.
    If I come across you in person (even though I don’t know you), I’ll hug you and be grateful for hope you gave me through this scheme rather than any ponzi scheme I’ve ever done.
    God bless and honor you!

  • God dont give visions that cant work u not jst seeing it ….. If u can dream it u can achieve it….. For great men are known for attempting the impossible…. Try another approach

  • Just short of words but from day one of any business, I knew you must be a risk taker. I have added to my experience. No one to blame, let everybody just take heart with what has happened.
    Note: The blessing of the Lord maketh rich without adding any sorrow…
    It is well with our Soul….. Jah Bless…

  • hmmm am really speechless,really had plans 4 d funds,now am in debt,have nt earned a penny,its nt abot 4givness its abot refunding my money,even if its part of it like u hv promised,only then can i believe so disappointed in myself,starting d year wit a debt,hv realli gone thru alot wit ponzi schemes,jst wen i tot affnaija is diff nw dis.jst hold on 2 ur word,am waiting.thnk u

  • Listen and listen well, to the promoters the of this hallmarked site called affnaija, I pen an open letter.
    You can fool some people all the time and fool all the people some of the time, but you can fool me cos am always four steps ahead of any normal human being.
    I was warned affnaija was a fraud but I risked it a little with a benefit of a doubt. Money ain’t my problem but greed and improper planning are yours
    I subscribed 1k even though I had financial muscle to do 4k, 7k and later d fraudulent veteran 10k.
    I referred not even a single soul cos I still needed to testing your site for at least 2months, but believe me when I say am not disappointed. U r simply a disgrace.
    Forget about renewing my subscription. Pay me all that I have earned cos I worked for it and I deserve it. Others may play empathetic and the boy/girl is good, but not me. That’s proper restitution.
    All that talk of 30% is for your own pocket. I want it all or else….u will find out d weight of that 70%+
    Ignore to your peril. This is no child’s play. I’m not joking with u.
    I ain’t even started, I’m just coming. Sound sleep n the heavens minister to u

  • Am laffing at somebody’s stupidity. U wan chop my sweat n money. No Way. Pay me my money or effective tomorrow Monday I dey Akinyemi mountain for Ibadan for 9dayso prayer n fasting to bind n loose. The rest they say is history

  • The Affnaija team. This is good from you guys particularly the founder. Truth is this is not failure but “failing”. You have only learnt how not to do the business just like Thomas Edison when building the electric bulb we are now enjoying. Thanks for the honesty. God bless and will give you and indeed us all, the right business to build for all Nigerians and the world by his grace. I HAVE FORGIVEN YOU!

  • Now i saw some space to fill in our details and get 30% of our capital….. Now you sounding good to me. but before, you broke my heart for all this forgivness of a thing u dey ask from us…

    I might decided of investing again.. Anyday anytime..

  • Hmmm…(speechless).sir, i must say You have just dissapointed many/few Nigerians who trusted you..well, dats part of bussiness you fall and rise, untill you finally get it right (it does’nt always come easily)..for ur sincerity and just because of God, I FORGIVE YOU..won’t it be good if you just gave back basice subscribers their N 1000..instead of cuting it to 30%.

  • You have done well by being sincere enough to swallow up your ego and apologize publicly for your supposed failure in the business. We all make mistakes to learn better.
    Good luck brother in your subsequent endeavors.

  • You are forgiven but sir I have an issue I have withdraw once but some of my downlines that there accout expire transfer there fund to my dashboard how will dey apply for the refund since you said is applicable to only those that have not withdraw please what is there faith.

  • I have forgiven you but The problem is that the people I referred need help from me some are students who have no hope and others

    Came to me pleading for help so that I can buy there funds then when the site were having problems
    So later they sold it to me on this point now am having 100,600 Affcash on my wallet
    It am heartbroken that am loosing 100,600
    Please sir I need your help

  • Good day,the best thing for you to do is to sell affnaija to those that are willing to buy,u can den use d money to pay existing members instead of seling your properties.
    In every business there is always a challenge dat will want to bring d company down but since u cannot overcome it,i urge u to sell affnaija.

  • We are all humans we make mistakes as we try do what is right but we do not allow the mistakes to mar us. I personally appreciate your open mindedness. You are forgiven. May the Lord provide the means of refunding to those you have promised to do so.

  • Whether we praised or caused affnaija, God knows the best for him and HE (GOD) shall reward him with the whole number of tears or problems they have caused to the lives of people. After scamming us, u still have got to be seeking for forgiveness from us.
    U said minimum withdrawal is #5000. Pls tell us how much is the 30% of 10,000k, 7,000k, 4,000k and 1000k
    Here are the analyses
    10,000 ÷ 100 = 100 x 30 = #3000
    7, 000 ÷ 100 = 70 x 30 = #2100
    4,000 ÷ 100 = 40 x 30 = #1200
    1,000 ÷ 100 = 10 x 30 = #300
    With this, it’s obvious that AFFNAIJA is a SCAM, FRAUD, PONZI, to mention but few.
    On behave of myself and those that I referred: U are NOT FORGIVEN until u take the right step, either u return our capital or think of something better to do.

  • I have forgiven you sir but the issue I have is my account expired and I was able to transfer the funds to my upline for the site to be stable but now this how do I get my money sir I didn’t sell it to my upline please do something about this

  • what pains me most is those people saying they forgive are those that spoil Nigeria to this extent…
    firstly i don’t see you as good person,did you think if few say they forgive due to their church mind ..God we forgive you..see let me tell you the fact..if you still on this point just know you are creating problem for yourself and your generation to am i, am not up to 19years but i join cause i love the business…is better you think twice and if you know you want to quite the job..i we advice you to pay all your debt without any reminder and still seek forgiveness from God for fulfilling the actually promise..

  • Almost end of Tuesday and no alert from affnaija…
    Hmmmm you better cease any funny tactics you got in mind and refund us our total capital back or you will have yourself to blame afterwards 😠😠

  • I won’t say anything I don’t need the stupid 30percent, I paid my 10k in full I didn’t give 30percent immediately I joined 4days after u guys started misbehaving..i deliberately didn’t make people register… Them no dey chop my money go oo, I dash you.. Am a tither like I said I don’t loose money… Chop am but I tell you today from you till your 7th generation will never see good.. I starved, I didn’t even buy my baby his food all cause I was told you guys where real, I worked for my money I shared your stupid site, I bought data, stayed up at night just to quickly share now u come up to say you need forgiveness and you paying 30percent… Naaah if you not giving me back my 10k don’t bother..
    20naira candle will do the job… Good day..

  • I knew it from the start that Nigerians are always shits when it comes to a thing like this. I have been a an American networking platform for years without any complain or problem. May God be the judge.
    For those interested in a better networking platform just like Facebook, but you get paid for it, I mean you’ll get paid for what you love doing…Posting and liking other people’s post too, follow this link to sign up and I bet you’ll thank me later

  • I have a paying site Called NNU if u want to know more call me 09078757556
    I no must of u no it and would not want to join cos is not for lazy peeps.

  • I requested for a refund and up till now i have not gotten anything, pls Sir/madam if ur intentions are clear pls try as much as possible to refund us our subscription money and you will be forgiven, I subscribed with the last 10k in my account, i even starved myself for some days because of this and now ur here ur going to refund 30% of our subscription money, so u mean out of my 10k it’s 3k i will get?please refund me my 10k and you will be forgiven, cuz I know what i suffered by using my last money on this, if u don’t then no need asking for forgiveness & the wrath of God will visit u and ur family wherever u are. I’ve said my own.

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